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I’ve often helped friends and family out over the years with advice around their work situation/legal things – like they would help me in their area of expertise. And on occasion, I’ve had chats with people one removed, or looked over an email/letter etc. I’ve never thought anything of it.

Over the weekend, I was asked by a friend if I’d have a chat with his pal who was going through an upsetting time at work. I had this weird moment where I was like…do I do this for free? It’s different when you have a guaranteed salary coming in. ‘Time is money’ now I’m self – employed, right?


I called this person yesterday morning, we spoke for 30 minutes. And it felt absolutely wonderful. To help someone with no gain in return. I felt GREAT after the call. And it pumped me up even more to beast my day. Obviously need to curb the pro bono work otherwise I won’t be an overly successful businesswoman (!) but it absolutely lit my world up on a Monday morning! It got me thinking about the different things I do to make myself feel good, the different things that motivate me. I enjoy fresh air, exercise, music, dancing and acts of kindness. What motivates you and what motivates your team? Could this knowledge be used to change how you communicate with them, how you reward them, or what benefits you might look into?

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